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Engineering Services

VI-grade offers a variety of engineering services for the development and simulation of mechanical systems in the automotive, motorsport, motorcycle, aircraft and rail industries.

We assist you with the integration of our tools and develop and apply new methods especially in the area of real-time application, control systems (Software- and Hardware-In-The-Loop), multi-objective-optimization, driving and traffic simulation.

Integration of VI-grade products

We often face the question how to introduce a new tool without disrupting the existing development process. We offer engineering services that support you with:

  • Definition of user scenarios
  • Integration of different simulation models/disciplines
  • Software customization and maintenance
  • Pilot projects to test our software within your existing process
  • Product and discipline trainings (at VI-grade premises and/or on-site)

Control system design and verification

Control systems are becoming more and more important in all transportation industries. Being able to design good control algorithms and verify their interaction with the complete system is vital. Our expertise covers these areas:

  • Co-simulation (Software-In-The-Loop)
  • Control system design (e.g. ESP, EPS, ABS...)
  • Hardware-In-The-Loop (with dSPACE, Concurrent Computer, National Instruments, ETAS)
  • Driving Simulator for Human-In-The-Loop with control systems
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) solutions

Multibody Expertise

Multibody applications are essential to carefully predict product performances, cut development costs and reduce time-to-market. VI-grade has a highly skilled team that cumulatively owns hundreds of years of expertise in multibody simulation. Some application examples are:

  • Flexible bodies
  • Complete durability process (modeling, road definition, load prediction, fatigue analysis)
  • Implementation of specific components (i.e. Adams UDEs)
  • Template building
  • Writing of user macros and dialog boxes
  • Custom analysis implementation
  • Automatic postprocessing and report generation

Driving simulator technology

Driving simulators represent the link between simulation and testing which are nowadays getting closer and closer, with the possibility to "drive" virtual models already in early stages of the design process. In the last years, VI-grade gained huge experience in these areas:

  • Motion cueing algorithms that can be applied to any kind of motion platform
  • Vehicle model - graphics - motion platform integration
  • Selection of the best motion platforms based on customer's needs (sim-on-sim)
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Driving simulator sessions at VI-SimCenter
  • Creation of photorealistic graphic scenarios using VI-GraphSim
  • Traffic Simulation

Engineering for the motorsport industry

You can't engineer a victory... but we can help you to increase your chances to win with:

  • Off-line and track-side simulation and performance maximization
  • Development of special component algorithms (tires, aerodynamics, suspension, differential, etc.)
  • Laptime simulation and vehicle optimization
  • Telemetry data conversion for usage in and comparison with simulation data
  • Driving simulator
  • 2D/3D track measurement and data elaboration
  • On-track telemetry assistance
  • Use of our software packages for racing cars and motorcycles

Technologies and tools

We utilize the following technologies and tools beside our own products:

  • Adams
  • FEV Virtual Engine
  • Patran/Nastran
  • Matlab Simulink
  • MapleSim
  • Modelica
  • modeFrontier
  • Heeds

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