Motorcycle industry is moving fast and everyday engineers are dealing with the challenge of introducing new technologies and innovations to make motorcycle vehicles safer and closer to customers' needs: control systems are becoming common, new configurations and architectures are creating interest among customers, new materials are improving ride and handling, motorsport activities are setting a new pace.

VI-grade's team has great experience in modeling and analyzing motorcycles, in developing rider models able to drive the virtual prototypes through all types of paths and circuits with different driver styles, in studying interactions between motorcycle and human body which are so important for the overall dynamic behaviour of the whole system.

The VI-grade products dedicated to the motorcycle industry take advantage of both ADAMS multibody technology and real-time solvers in order to offer a complete and unique solution to motorcycle engineers to model, solve and improve their products.

VI-grade solutions allow to perform the following applications:

Vehicle Dynamics
Rider - Motorcycle interaction
Ride and comfort Software-in-the-loop
Limit handling behaviour Road modelling
Design of experiment and optimizationPowertrain design

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