Danisi Engineering launches Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Center


Marburg (Germany), June 27th, 2016 – VI-grade today announced that its technical partner Danisi Engineering, Italian engineering services company in the field of chassis systems providing concepts, engineering, prototyping and low volume production, has officially opened its “Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Center” in the premises of Nichelino (Italy), located in the outskirts of Turin and therefore logistically close to the main Italian and European automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers.
Danisi AVD - dynamic simulatorThe Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Center (AVD) features a static and a dynamic driving simulator based on technology provided by VI-grade and its partners: the brand new center located at Danisi headquarters in Nichelino (Turin, Italy) features VI-DriveSim Static, the driving simulation solution based on the VI-CarRealTime and VI-GraphSim software technologies, as well as DiM – Driver-in-Motion, the dynamic driving simulator developed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya, based on an innovative 9-DOF mechanical design. Both simulators adopt a cockpit derived from a Maserati Ghibli.

Investing in these technologies and processes is key. We are sure that - on a medium term - the market demand for these development and validation activities on ADAS systems and Self Driving solutions will remarkably increase” said Giacomo Danisi, owner and CEO, Danisi Engineering. “Having always focused on offering our clients outstanding engineering skills, we deemed it strategic to have these tools available and invest in the relevant know-how. Today we are the only independent engineering company in the world to boast such an advanced development centre. I would like to thank our partner VI-grade, thanks to whom we can count on cutting-edge software solutions, developed around our specific needs.

Danisi AVD - control roomWe are extremely satisfied to report a strengthened technical partnership with Danisi Engineering”, said Guido Bairati, International Sales Director, VI-grade. “We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Danisi Engineering in the following segments: Conceptual Design, Vehicle Dynamics, Ride & Comfort, Durability, Control Systems, Physical Prototyping.

The use of simulators is a huge advantage for the automotive industry: product development times are reduced up to 40%; computer models faithfully reproduce the real car behaviour on the road; the new vehicles are mechanically and electrically optimized and project and validation costs decrease considerably. A booming industry in the whole world, because it allows the automotive industry to save money for costly prototypes and road tests with camouflaged cars: many tests in operative conditions are faithfully reproduced at the computer.
The virtual graphic scenario where the features of the new vehicle or the reactions to the driving are tested is highly immersive and reproduces with great accuracy real driving conditions. With the driving simulator it is possible to evaluate the behaviour of the human-machine system in critical driving situations, that are absolutely realistic. There are many application fields: from car engineering to motorsport, to university research.

Danisi AVD - static simulatorThe simulator allows to drive different types of models with dedicated cockpits on different tracks and different weather conditions, allowing the driver to have the feeling of really being on board and develop reactions that give the possibility to verify the behaviour of the car and foresee critical aspects. The likelihood is increased by the 7-meter diameter screen, 3 projectors and a professional sound system. The graphic scenarios go from proving grounds to highways and country roads. The performances of the dynamic simulator are state-of-the-art: 9-degrees of freedom motion platform, very low latency (about 15ms from driver action to motion), frequencies up to 50 Hz, large dynamic range with 2.5g planar and 3,5g vertical accelerations, on top of the large payload to support representative cockpits (>700 kg).

About VI-DriveSim / DiM

VI-DriveSim is an innovative Integrated Hybrid Driving Simulator characterized by a revolutionary software and hardware design and targets both racing and commercial vehicle applications. The computing core is a Linux-based real-time computer, which enables owners to add any ECU or software program communicating with the digital vehicle model as in reality. VI-grade’s flagship solution VI-CarRealTime powers the system with a real-time validated vehicle model - the same one used for off-line simulations. Graphics are based on a high-quality rendering visualization program. The Motion Cueing strategy relies on complex mechanical and physiological optimization logic and the DiM Moving Platform, developed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya, is based on an innovative 9-DOF mechanical design. For further information, please visit http://www.vi-grade.com/index.php?pagid=drivesim or www.driverinmotion.com

About Saginomiya

Saginomiya is the leading provider of automatic controls and test systems in Japan as and is very highly reputed throughout the world for the quality of its products. Saginomiya started developing, manufacturing and selling test systems in 1964, expanding in several business fields such as civil engineering and construction, industrial machinery, railway services, power generation, aviation and automotive. Saginomiya’s “Dynamic Servo” has been developed as the ideal test systems utilizing state-of-the-art core technologies such as electric and hydraulic hybrids as well as a next-generation simulator. Saginomiya is highly committed to serve the needs of the most technically advanced customers in the global market. For further information, click here

About Danisi Engineering

Established in 1995, Danisi Engineering S.r.l. is located in Nichelino (Torino), Italy. Danisi Engineering operates in the field of chassis engineering and prototyping. Through the last 20 years, the company has grown as an OEM suppliers of chassis systems, providing engineering, prototyping and low volume production. Danisi Engineering is also very active in motorsport and racing. Car manufacturers and well known Tier-one suppliers find in Danisi Engineering the ideal partner for innovation and research programs. Danisi Engineering is a young, motivated, flexible and very experienced company, with a strong background built on several successful projects. For additional information, click here.

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