VI-grade Announces the 2017 Edition of the Virtual Formula Competition


Marburg, Dec 19th, 2016 – VI-grade today announced the 2017 edition of the Virtual Formula competition.

Virtual Formula 2017 is built upon the rules and regulations of the popular Formula SAE and Formula Student. The competition will be based on the usage of VI-Motorsport, VI-grade’s interactive simulation environment for motorsport vehicle modeling and dynamic analysis. All registered teams will be granted access to a complete state-of-the-art racing simulation software to find the best set-up for their car.

The participating teams will be challenged to optimize the performance of a virtual race car, minimizing the lap time on a given autocross track, an acceleration event, the Skidpad, as well as possibly reducing the ecologic footprint of the model. In line with the recent growth of Formula Student teams adopting electric racecars, and more generically with the ongoing trends in the automotive industry, the 2017 edition of the Virtual Formula will be focused on the optimization of an electrically-driven vehicle model.

The competition will be won by the team that will have the most overall points in the different events. Receivable points for each event are adjusted to the regulations of the Formula SAE.

The team results will be evaluated by a technical committee formed by vehicle dynamicists from VI-grade. The winning team will be awarded with a complete software package including multiple user access to the VI-Motorsport technology, as well as other prices to be announced soon. Additionally, all teams submitting results will be included in a presentation brochure that will be distributed by the organizing committee to a selected database of leading automotive companies and Tier1 suppliers.

More information about the vehicle model, rules and regulations, other prices and the timewise alignment with our next Users Conference in May 2017 will be announced separately on the company website as well as on the dedicated Facebook page available at this link: https://www.facebook.com/VirtualFormula.

More information on the Virtual Formula can be found here.

About VI-Motorsport

VI-Motorsport is an interactive simulation environment for vehicle modeling and dynamic analysis, which helps race cars designers and track engineers to predict vehicle performance when set-up parameters are modified, before the car is built and also in support of race events. VI-Motorsport is based on a dynamic faster-than-real-time simulation solver which can predict the virtual car behavior and has been extensively validated against test data in various race car series. VI-Motorsport allows to create road data files for tire contact and driveline targets represented through analytical description, GPS, laser or telemetry data measurements. Thanks to VI-grade proprietary advanced driver algorithms, users can drive their vehicle models on a track section or on an entire lap, in order to detect the limits of the car.

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