Volvo Car Corporation installs active seat and active belts from VI-grade on DiM Driving Simulator


Marburg, Apr 13th, 2017 – VI-grade today announced that Volvo Car Corporation upgraded the revolutionary motion platform named DiM® (Driver in Motion) designed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya, already in use at their premises in Torslanda, Sweden, with the newly developed active seat and belts from VI-grade.
“Since its installation back in 2015, we have been using DiM extensively to complement our tool chain, allowing us to physically experience our simulation models using human test drivers” says Carl Sandberg, Vehicle Dynamics Concept Engineer at Volvo Car Corporation. “Through the adoption of the brand new active seats and belts from VI-grade, we expect to further enhance the overall driving experience on our simulator, allowing driving dynamics and active safety systems to be experienced in an even more realistic environment right from the start of the development process.”

Our active seats are based on cushions inflated by compressed air that apply different levels of pressure on different portions of the body; the effect of the active seat is combined with a proper tensioning of the active belts during braking and helps to better feel steady-state accelerations, which are always limited on driving simulators” said Diego Minen, Technical Director, VI-grade. “We are now fine tuning a new revolutionary Multi-Cueing technique to harmonize platform motions and somato-sensory cues in order to expand the virtual immersion to an unprecedented level of realism. We are looking forward to cooperate with Volvo in order to further improve our driving simulation technology!
Volvo has announced back in October 2015 the installation of the revolutionary 9 degrees-of-freedom DiM® platform developed by VI-grade and its partners and has since then used it extensively in the development process of new vehicles, such as the S90. The DiM® concept enables the extension of the motion envelope and the separation of low and high frequency contributions, which makes this type of motion platform unique and suitable for both vehicle dynamics and ride studies.
The YouTube video of DiM installed at Volvo is available at this link.

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